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Shame on your Township of Tay Council for the heinous abuse of your power as elected officials.

The public of the Town of Tay needs to ask themselves some questions:

1) Do you value your Charter Rights? (Freedom of Expression / Freedom to Protest)

2) Do you value your Privacy? (Your right to keep your private information private)

3) Do you think the Taxpayer should be accountable to internal policies? (employee rules used against you, the taxpayer)

The Council of Tay does!

Thank you to all past customers of

Of Our Own Minds Productions.

The collateral beauty of each and every event will always be with us.

Peace be the journey!


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Jan. 2000 to Jan. 2018

Of Our Own Minds Productions



The remaining life of this website will be spent blogging and informing the taxpayer of issues

that we feel are being left for the public to represent. Starting with Tay Township and the current

council that need to stop wasting tax dollars on law suits, and start doing their job!


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