All marijuana depicted produced in accordance with Canada's Medical Marijuana Access Regulations.

The Double '0' Doobie Project  

Growing med pot for less since 2010.

We have been perfecting growing medicinal marijuana, so that we can show you how to successfully grow your own!

Why buy from an industry that:

1) puts profits before people? (Don't believe that, have you seen the news of the recalls or class action suits)

2) where compassion starts at $8 a gram and an oz weights less than 28...rounding down is an unfortunate practice when regulation allows (remember these people are just "throwing money at it" and want their return)


Grow for less using L.E.D.

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The Secret Lighting of the Double O Doobie Project

Big Bud 400 L.E.D.The Big Bud 400 Front View
With a few basic tools and a proper grow light, just about anyone can grow a craft marijuana product. Of course a little patience, a green thumb and tons of diligence will be what the final results will be measure on, because it is a craft and real craft MJ has some basic requirements. Humidity, smell, taste and ultimately the results of the consumed marijuana are the real tell of a craft product. When you squeeze it does it break apart in your hands? A true craft product is cured to maintain a "freshness quality" that the big LP operation are simply unable to produce. This is where growing your own allows you the grower, to ensure quality and efficacy with every bud for your personal medical requirements. Saving you money and giving you peace of mind by knowing how your medicine was produced and ensuring it's safety.


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