Prohibition 2.0

Have the blinds really come off?                                        Author:            H2

With prohibition 1.0 still in the rear-view mirror, it seems we are on the cusp of what this writer has heard it referred to within the circle of cannabis culture as Prohibition 2.0.  Cannabis culture as this author refers to it is the pro marijuana movement in our society that has existed since the first prohibition, and will continue to exist until there is no prohibition.  Why?  In the opinion of this author, a person who is "buying weed illegally" has sources; they don't know 1 person who grows marijuana (legally or illegally), they know 5 people.   With legalization just around the corner, and legal medical marijuana production being full steam ahead it seems inevitable that the "cluster f***" of a government controlled marijuana enterprise is at our doorstep.  So might as well get into the market right?

Wrong.....With the back load of government issued Licensed Producers, and the current stringent security measures still in place from the Harper Regime; getting into the MJ industry is still designed for the rich with money to invest (no skills in the MJ industry, but money to throw at it).  Yes, it is still "profits before people" as is evidenced by the class action court battle ensuing over unlawful use of harmful pesticides.  These chemicals have been found in the legal LP MJ supply chain. 

The current Liberal government in Ontario is all ready to assign a top dollar value to the government deemed legal recreational weed.  Collecting as much tax as possible, ensuring that the end consumer will always pay more by going to the "legal source". 

Is that fair?  Hell no, but if you are looking at distraction policies and getting sheeple on your side, the best thing is to introduce a government monopoly for Marijuana Distribution.  Then bring out the "big guns" to inform the public that there will be stiff punishment if you continue to buy/supply, from illegal sources (like dispensaries or the 5 people the buyer knows from their own personal connections.)

The first mistake the government (all governments from Federal to Municipal) are making is not recognizing cannabis culture.  This ignorance is going to be high-lighted as of  O'Cannabis Day 2018 (July 1, date for recreational marijuana consumption to begin; legally, lol).

Just like in the early days of alcohol consumption, the government thinks we should only be allowed to consume marijuana in the privacy of our own homes.  Does that mean all the doobies that are smoked at every rock concert everywhere are now illegal?? Just saying.  Seriously though.....alcohol a controlled substance is consumed everywhere, however the less dangerous and more natural controlled substance of marijuana cannot be consumed in public.  That is a dumb idea!

Destroy commerce by sending all the recreational smokers into the privacy of their homes because we are still not going to accommodate their recreational choice.  Instead of embracing this new industry, the sell outs of the 60's and later (yes, all those hippies) are trying to introduce a policy that is contrary to what the public wants to see. 

For the Ontario Liberals (and all the other greedy provincial bodies) let the dollar signs in the marijuana industry blur their vision, is short sighted and their attempt to control the distribution network is going to fail.  Just look at what they did in the LCBO store model where they encouraged their suppliers to raise the prices of their product.  Eventually this policy, and the monopoly they held on the alcohol industry has been squashed.  Just look at the alcohol market place now, alcohol distribution is spreading to supermarkets and you can even brew your own locally.

The problem with the marijuana distribution monopoly is that there are trade-routes already established in this black-market industry.  So deep that they cross all over our country;  How else do you explain BC bud in quantity in Ontario (and everywhere else)? 

However that is not the end of the problem, then there is the sticker shock.....starting at the proposed $10.00 a gram. The only pot that this price will be able to compete with is the end dealer (the kids at the pool hall).  Street level peddlers who are selling weed "illegally" because they need sneakers, their kids need diapers, they are under-employed, they are disabled or differently abled.  This isn't a problem for a narrow minded government; full of politicians who feel that the trickle down effect is working perfectly.

Of course there is always the obvious problem....the one where the government now wants to be the drug dealer.  Assigning prices, trying to control the market by eliminating the competition, threatening with incarceration and using intimidation tactics, peddling their influence to maximize their profits in the industry...that does sound drug dealer-ish!

Like all drug dealers, now it is up to them to find stable continuous weed flow.  Which explains why they want the Big LP weed, for that factory supply.  NOT craft, not excellent, but steady.  If only weed is weed is weed.  Unfortunately the people who are currently controlling this new nascent industry have never smoked a chronic!  That's right the people like the Ontario AG have never even bought a bag of marijuana, and probably couldn't roll a joint if their lives depended on it.  Then after deciding that they only wanted government stores, they put a poll out to get the people's view on it; then direct their efforts exactly as they had planned, despite calls for private and craft industry to be included.

If the blinds had really come off, and we were not entering a new Prohibition 2.0, the policy makers would embrace the black market in an effort to stem the illegal flow of weed.  Instead, they are trying to criminalize the sick who are currently able to grow their own suggesting that they are the ones supplying the black market.  I do believe a portion of these growers may supply the black market. However I feel the biggest supply would have to come from the prescriptions that are like the often heard of 100 grams per day as well as the illegal market place (being people without prescription to grow).

If the government were interested in creating an industry that would flourish for all, they would involve every grower into the market place with licensing and proper testing of weed; to ensure a safe product for all.  Greedy politicians rule, which is why we are facing a monopoly in Ontario.  Shame on you...Ontario Liberals!


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