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The Double '0' Doobie Project

Gimmicks and tricky equipment can and is utilized in many an indoor grow operation. However, in keeping it strickly simple the Double "0" Doobie Project has proved these expensive add ons are not necessary in your personal/small indoor grow lab.

There are no bud tumblers or automatic trimmers in our grow lab. Plants are hand-watered and Trichomes are preserved in the hand trimming that we do to avoid loss in the medicine (trichomes) of the MJ.

Bloom cycles vary from strain to strain; anywhere from 45 days and longer. We prefer our 8 - 9 week bloom cycles, off-seting our harvest times to manage the work involved.
Bloom phase begins
Big Bud 400 light spectrum

We are not using traditional grow lights (HPS) in our daily bloom operations. Actually we have isolated our 2 bloom areas so that the HPS light we use in the 1 area, does not affect the Big Bud 400's in the other area.

We have found that mixing lights and using multiple light spectrums forces each plant to adjust, and this can have negative effects on your plants.

By using full spectrum 4 and 5 K lights in the vegetation cycle, then graduating the plants to the Big Bud 400 LED in the bloom cycle, the plants do not have a new spectrum of lighting to adjust to. Instead the real change of lighting happens in the wattage/intensity of light that the plants are exposed to.

A few of the mistakes that novice growers (some we did ourselves) may include:

not enough or too much humidity

improper air flow

light positioning

too much water/nutrient

improper water composition

not maintaining cleanliness protocols

failure to maintain personal/human contamination protocols

allowing cross contamination

haste to consume creates a multitude of problems

Every room is an individual, treat it as such and tune your room accordingly; continuing to fine tune and educate yourself to grow a better marijuana product.

This is one room you do not want to see a male in.....that's right, the ladies produce the perfume and beauty of the bud and the males (a single male if given the chance) will ruin it by pollinating!

Disclaimer: In bloom rooms where you are growing for highest quality of whole bud production

Why you like female Marijuana Plants!


Trichomes are what creates the 100's of cannabinoids and other components found in cannabis which is why it is essential to handle your buds/flowers as little as possible. Using proper drying and curing processes ensures diminished degradation to the trichomes in this medicine.

The sticky little crystals of the Trichomes can resemble sugar and their production begins as the plants go into the bloom cycle.

The standard way to determining trichome maturation is the changing of the hue; from clear to white to amber. This is the sign that your plant is ready for harvest.

Like any fine product, there is true trade craft in all aspects of it's production. From it's conception to harvest and beyond; producing a quality marijuana requires patience while nurturing, diligence when growing, and practiced methods for the drying and curing stages. Keeping a freshness quality, flavourful nugs, with a built in humidity will ensure your quality of product.

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