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The Double '0' Doobie Project

Our Goal is to get you growing for yourself, being able to verify how your marijuana is grown, what is put it in, and how it is crafted. The quality of your marijuana product will improve with every grow cycle if you create and follow a program that works in your learning lab.

Our Big Bud 400 is the centre of this new direction in growing. Using natural (not organic) methods to create a whole marijuana product that your friends will envy...

Not a DG yet, The Double "0" Doobie Project is interested in helping others who have a medical need, but are unable to produce for themselves.
Bloom phase begins
Sticky Icky Strawberry Kush Naturally Grown

The Double "0" Doobie Project naturally grows using NO carbon, hydro efficient L.E.D. lighting, and deep well water.

The flavours and tastes that we have achieved under the Big Bud 400 have even seasoned growers tipping their hats.

Trade craft is what we can give you. Sure if you read enough and filter the information, you will eventually achieve a proper grow standard.

Or you can take advantage of what we have learned, invest in our LED bullet, and take your growing to new heights with much less trials and errors.

Here at the Double "0" Doobie Project, we are very proud of our naturally grown

quality marijuana product.

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Big Bud 400 L.E.D.
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