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The Secret Lighting of the Double "0" Doobie Project

5 Year Warranty

Optional Lensing (Clear or Diffused)

No Moving Parts

Excellent in Wet or Dry conditions

Heavy Duty Steel Hanging Bracket

Industrial Construction

Plug and Play Technology (no extra equipment to use light)

400 Watts of light (equivillent to a 1000 watt HPS)

1350 BTU

Canadian Designed

Perfect for all growing stages

image of BB400

Industry Rating IP65 (excellent for wet or dry conditions).

Big Bud 400 Light Specifications

Nodes under BB400

This is a plant at day 21 under the BB400 LED Light.

You will note that the nodes of the buds are very close together; this is important because closely formed buds will mean that the plant will produce a higher yield.

This custom LED light's beam is penetrating deep below the canopy top, causing flowers to start within the plant to the base.

This plant is 5 weeks from harvest (depending on growth and trichome development)

This new technology light is a Canadian designed solution to indoor LED growing.

Check out our "Toss and Grow" experiments using the Big Bud 400.

  BB400 Light Spectrum BB 400 Light

MSL $1999.95 plus hst (CDN)

Current Delivery Time is 4-6 weeks.

For dealer information please call.


The secret lighting of the Double "0" Doobie Project is perfect for any indoor grow operations. Current testing of this unit is for MJ users with excellent test results in vegging and blooming stages. Energy savings are in the cost of running the much reduced 400 watt versus traditional HPS, reduced heat means reduced cooling, and less nutrient/water evaporation.

The industrial construction of this unit will impress, with no moving parts, no replacement bulbs, and a warranty of 5 years with the expected life to be much greater. Recent testing of the spectrum proved no loss in a 6 month period using the light 12 hours/day in the bloom cycle.

Call The Double "0" Doobie Project at (705) 796-0467. We have been researching and perfecting growing with LED lighting since 2010.

All natural environment (no added carbon influence, no air conditioning).

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