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The Double '0' Doobie Project

Here at the Double "0" Doobie Project we grow our marijuana using the "K.I.S.S."growing method (Keep it strictly simple)

Producing a naturally hand grown medical marijuana using craft growing, drying & curing processes and techniques. (As only small producers can)

These "trade craft" secrets could be yours...

While seeds may get you started, they are the longest process to developing your own marijuana. Assuming the seeds that arrive are of the strain that you ordered, not all seeds are created equal and the genetics can vary from seed to seed. Through personal experience we grew 5 seeds from a package, 3 seemed normal, one didn't pop, and the last one looked like a cabbage...but none seemed to resemble the strain/seed ordered.

Using the clones of mother plants guarantees the genetics of the marijuana plant and helps the novice grower have a better chance of success. Clones may be hard to come by unless you know another marijuana grower who grows their own mother plants.

To clone or not to clone

If you are getting clones you will want to isolate them and get a magnifying lens to identify any pests or issues with the plants.

Spider mites and other nuisance pests live in our gardens and travel on our pets or clothes. Once they find their way into your grow lab, they are very difficult to get out without shutting down and taking serious measures. However don't let that scare you, with immediate measures of elimination they can be controlled in the vegging area, and managed with predator mites until harvest. Having said that with appropriate measures (ie. showering if you have been near outdoor vegetation) spider mites and other pests can be avoided in your grow lab.

Save Power $$$$$

Vegging under LED light

LED Vegging room L.E.D. lighting is good for every stage...rooting, cloning, vegging (prepping for blooming) and maintaining mother plants. Full light spectrum is best, it also makes for a more human friendly environment. L.E.D. lights create less heat and reduces the stress on your young plants. Happy plants make healthy plants, and if you can avoid light shock by maintaining the full range light spectrum throughout the grow cycle then your plants never have to adjust to a radically different light source/spectrum

Our choice for maintaining the full spectrum of light in the bloom phase is the Big Bud 400 L.E.D. The aroma and flavour of the plants under the BB400 have produced a product all growers desire.

Trichomes....the reason it is a medicine...

With recreational marijuana just around the corner and the recommendation that everyone be allowed to grow for themselves....let's say, hypothetically the recommendation is passed....you must be asking yourself, how?

Through careful practices, thoughtful diligence and a greenish thumb, we can teach you to grow like a pro using efficient L.E.D. lighting and whatever space you have to work with. Of course there is more to it than that and practice makes perfect, but if you want to grow primo weed we have the knowledge and ability to help you turn your weed into that desired cannabis culture product.

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