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There is a standard that exists in the MJ industry, the biggest mistake that the Marijuana LP's have made is NOT recognizing it...

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In the absence of cannabis culture quality, and all else has failed (ie government regulation, and the lack of compassion when the price of a gram is $10 and greater), the only real option is to produce it for yourself. Yes you can, and at a price that is affordable!


Homegrown Hydroponics show,October 23, 2016

This brand new innovation will grow your socks off with a

light spectrum that was designed by Canadians for the Canadian market and tested in Canada.

Beautiful medicine

From the moment we turned this light on we knew it was special. The structure of the Big Bud 400 is unique due to the industrial quality construction and it's use for large or small growers. The light spectrum is full range showing a true colour representation. No moving parts on this unit to break down and no regular cleaning of the lens is needed (besides a quick wipe with a dust free cloth)

Performing beside a 1000 watt HPS, these 2 lights used less energy (hydro and nutrient), and produced almost twice as much marijuana as the HPS light.

Producing cost effective medicine with flower buds that are colourful, fragrant and maybe the sweetest tasting MJ nugs we have ever created.

Heather Heeringa

The Double "0" Doobie Project


HomeGrown Vegetables


HomeGrown Hydroponics tested the Big Bud 400 with positive growth under this brand new innovation.

Alex Rae, president of HomeGrown Hydroponics says "our vegetables exploded under the Big Bud 400 LED from the Secret Lighting of the Double "0" Doobie Project"

Exploding Veggies

Home Grown