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Pre-Municipal Election Coverage

The township of Tay needs to extend their sincere thanks to the CAO and the Mayor for violating the rights of the 2 people who can stand up for themselves in Tay Township! Of course it takes more than a Mayor to run a council; however in this case the council seems a little less than ethical and upstanding.

With camera in hand we welcome you to the inception of the O'Tay News Network, where it is no longer "O'Tay" to target tax payers.

This is the year you need to get out and vote, under 30% voter turnout is equivilent in our minds as an indictment on the voting public as well as the politicians running.

Accountability is the NEW day (thanks to the Provincial Liberal Party which lost their party status!)...tax payers spoke!

Have you been targeted for Property Standards?

Made a Bylaw complaint only to be given a communication ban?

Convicted under an internal policy only to receive a Trespass Order or Communication Ban?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we may be able to help!

Elusive Township of Tay Customer Service Policy

O'Tay News Network

O'Tay News Network

When did standing up for one's rights become bullying? Probably when unwanted criticism becomes harassment. Throw in no due process, blatant ignoring of portions of policy with no accountability to any public official... Welcome to any rogue municipality/government!

Vote for Democracy