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2018 - Pre-election # 1 Re: Know Your Rights

In the moment we are looking at the municipal government of Tay Township (in Simcoe County), Ontario, Canada. In the midst of a battle where the Township of Tay has gone to the mattresses, concerned taxpayers have had to fight back for the restoration of Charter and Civil Rights. We do not live in a undemocratic state where our institutions are allowed to ignore and violate the rights of taxpayers. These institutions are ruled by democratic processes that the elected officials are essentially caretakers of. Those in the position are responsible to serve the community and taxpayer; however this is where the real problem lies....

In the last Municipal Election less than 30% of registered voters even came out to vote in Tay Township....is this Tax Payer apathy or sheer laziness?

Tax payers of Tay Township deserves a government that wants to rule using the democratic processes that have been put in place by those before them. Creating orders and forcing decrees beyond the purview of their authority will no longer be accepted in Tay. The O'Tay News Network has appointed themselves the unofficial watchdog that the Mayor and CAO has unleashed on council and themselves. Good job boys and girls!

Forgotten Tax Payers of Tay Township, Ontario

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