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Bylaw Retribution Re: if this is professionalism and courtesy, someone needs charm school

When asking around, it seems naive to believe that some Bylaw Officers are nothing more than "wanna be" cops. The absence of any real authority is the only thing stopping them from much more heinous crimes than have been perpetrated on some members of our public. Do a search and you will find stories from all over Canada of Rogue municipalities hiring and/or directing bylaw officers in non-lawful use of their position. "Warrant less walk" to search properties with no warrant are becoming common-place.

A few issues we have read about in Ontario, Canada include: The Guelph, Ontario Bylaw officer caught on camera falling over a fence while trespassing at an unreasonable time....or the bylaw officer caught looking in a window and trying the handle of a Kitchener residence; of course Bylaw in Hamilton was just overhauled a few years ago for harassing taxpayers (30 times to one residence for no lawful reason). However this is not always the case, in some municipalities there is no Bylaw officer and the entire department is being directed by the Fire Chief and a smoke detector...he might bring his fire extinguisher!


When does the warrant less walk become unlawful entry?



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