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"Shit Show":

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"Shut Up Taxpayer" Re: Bad Council

"Shit Show" is not my phrase, having grown up in rural Ontario it offends me to say that I have seen the shit show that comes out of a spreader and would never be part of it!

Not my words, but the apparent legacy of the Council of Tay and a "catch phrase" of Mayor Warnock's piss poor attitude. Not suprisingly really since he refused to take a complaint about his hire (the CAO); who was ultimately responsible for this lack of proper governance; But it was the Mayor's lack of action in taking a complaint of a taxpayer seriously. According to the Customer Service Policy of the Township of Tay it is the Mayor's responsibility to take complaints regarding the CAO's conduct... assuming they care about service or their duty to enforce policy fairly and appropriately. I tried to complain in October 2017 but the Mayor refused to take my complaint (he didn't want to "fix" his shit show). At the time he sat in council meeting and let Deputy Dave Richie and Councillor Jim Crawford convict taxpayers under an employee policy with the CAO playing with the strings (they were acting like puppets).


If you thought the Council of Tay is acting properly, you may be wrong. Does a CAO deserve to make over $130,000 to manage a small municipality?

How about when they refuse to listen to a complaint about their staff?

....or when they don't make time for the public?

...or when they try to turn the public into monsters?

...or when they create liabilities for the Township they are supposed to manage the employee of?

...or when they act like queen and country and take away the public's rights under the constitution?????

Given that one of the most important issue the CAO has to deal with is limiting Township liabilities, it would appear that it is almost expected that this position would entail dealing with the public or us lowly tax payers.


Concerned citizens of Tay Township, Ontario calling for accountability....


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