Municipal Elections are just around the corner...get out and vote!

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"Sign sign, everywhere a sign" Re: New Council Required in Tay Township

Tay Township needs change, the Taxpayers of Tay deserve change, and the council of Tay is poised to change (if we vote for it)....The "Scott Warnock Shit Show" may be over, but the mess is still there. It's time for the voters to clean up the mess by removing key elements like:

1) Governor Take Your Rights Away Richie

2) Demolition of Democracy Crawford

3) Day Late and a Dollar Short Talbot

Don't let your sign read "I'm Stupid" (Bill Engvall sings it best "Here's your sign" google it)...get out and vote this October.




Concerned citizens of Tay Township, Ontario calling for tax payers of every ward to send a message to our council...either embrace the scrutiny of their constituents or find work in another sector....


O'Tay # 1 ....Know Your Rights

O'Tay # 2 ....ByLaw 101

O'Tay # 3 ... Bad Tay Council

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