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Licensed to produce, for personal use.

Specific Growing Conditions:

All natural fresh air (no added carbon). No A/C. Simple Air flow cooling in an open grow room. Cooling influences are 3 x 16" oscillating fans; 2 x 4" venting intake fan; 1 x 3/4 HP venting fan controlled by room temp. average 88 - 92.

For this test, we are changing the strain to our Sticky Icky Strawberry OG as it produced well for the first time under the Cali light. Given this new strain our bar for success would have these plants produce between 3 - 4 oz./plant (produced 89.667 grams/plant from Cali full-spectrum competition).

For this round of testing the light angle has been modified by increasing it to a 100 degree angle. Using the same diffused lens as in the first Toss & Grow experiment.

Test 3 will begin next week using a clear lens (not diffused) and the 60 degree light, with no HPS influence.

Day one of Test 2
The secret lighting of the Double "0" Doobie Project


Day one, test 2

Day 5

Day 5

Day 10 for 100 degree light

Day 10

Day 10

Round 2 day 15

Day 20, 100 degree diffused lens

Day 20 Bud Development

Day 20

Day 25, 100 degree light with diffused lensDay 25

Day 25

Day 37, 100 degree light with diffused lens

Day 37, bud close up

Final Toss and Grow Round 2

This is the final photo from Round number 2. If you live in Ontario you know just how hot and dry our summer was;

with much of Canada being infested by every growers favourite pest.

If you have any MJ growing experience, you will have noticed the curling leaves and dryness of the leaf. This was

the sign that these poor girls were afflicted with heat sickness. As we strive to grow as organically as possible, we

do not use air conditioning and this kept all of the plants (grown under HPS, Cali competition, as well as the two DOD lights)

producing at a very limited quantity. Instead of skewing the results, this test has been discontinued until the infection has been

terminated and temperatures have returned to a more manageable norm.

We have noted that the DOD lights are producing bud, the plants like the light (they focus on it, not the other light in

the room), with good leaf coverage and size. Stay tuned for round # 4 where we will grow using the two DOD lights (100's), one

with the diffused lens, the oher with the clear; side by side with only 1 HPS influence.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Round # 4 will begin mid September.


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