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Specific Growing Conditions:

All natural fresh air (no added carbon). No A/C. Simple Air flow cooling in an open grow room. Cooling influences are 3 x 16" oscillating fans; 2 x 4" venting intake fan; 1 x 3/4 HP venting fan controlled by room temp. average 88 - 92.

For this test, we are repeating the strain from round 2 as it produced well under the Cali light. Given this new strain our bar for success would have these plants produce between 3 - 4 oz./plant (produced 89.667 grams/plant from Cali full-spectrum competition).

In this test we are using a clear lens (not diffused) and the 60 degree light, with no HPS influence.

Day 1 of round 3
The secret lighting of the Double "0" Doobie Project




Day 1 under 60 degree clear lens


Day 5 Round 3

Round 3 clear lens, day 5

Day 5 individual plant

Day 5, round 3 clear lens

Round 3, Day 10 clear 60 lens

Round 3, day 10

Toss and Grow Day 15, Round 3

Day 15

Day 15

Day 20, 60 degree clear lens

Day 20

Day 27, 60 degree light with clear lens

Day 27

Final Toss and Grow test 3


This is the final photo from Round number 3. Too many days of over 100 degree temperatures in

the room did not help with this test. These poor girls faired no better than any of the other lights.

While the light is very favourable to the plants, it is producing bud and leaf and the plants have

attained a proper height....we unfortunately have had to discontinue this test due to the intollerable heat.

Most home growers who don't use air conditioning have had a horrible experience

growing indoors during this dry hot summer; rather than skew results we will continue with Toss and Grow experiment # 4

when heat can be better controlled. This will be a comparison of diffused versus clear lens. This new test will place both

DOD 100 lights side by side with each light having the same amount of HPS influence.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Round # 4 will begin mid September.


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