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Specific Growing Conditions:

All natural fresh air (no added carbon). No A/C. Simple Air flow cooling in an open grow room. Cooling influences are 3 x 16" oscillating fans; 2 x 4" venting intake fan; 1 x 3/4 HP venting fan controlled by room temp. average 88 - 92.

For this test, we are repeating the clear vs diffused 100 degree angle. We are growing the same strawberry test under the diffused lens. We are growing 3 seperate strains under the clear lens to see how they perform against the HPS that we ran during Round 4.

In the interest of HPS production, we are growing the same strawberry that we are growing under the diffused lens to see it's comparison and ensure our conclusion is correct.

The Secret Lighting of the Double "0" Doobie Project
The Secret Lighting of the Double "0" Doobie Project


Day 1 Diffused

Day 1 Clear Lens

Day 5 Clear vs. Diffused

Day 5 measured growth

Day 10 Clear Lens

Day 10 Diffused Lens

Day 15 under the Big Bud 400

Day 15 Clear Lens

Day 15 Diffused Lens

Day 21 Clear vs Diffused Lens

3 weeks into the bloom cycle we are observing that the nodes on the stem of the plant are closer together than they have been in almost all of the previous bloom cycles of this light. With limited elongation of the plant the buds will form closer. We have nearly reached our "perfect height" for room conditions.

As usual the plants are suffering no burn due to hot HPS light, the colours of the plant, the depth of the nodes (how deep they go into the plant) is excellent. Final results will be posted after Feb 10, with the usual updates.

Day 21 Clear Lens

Day 21 Diffused Lens

Day 25 Clear Vs. Diffused

Day 25 Clear Lens

25 days under the diffused lens

30 days of growing

Day 30 Clear

Day 30 under the diffused lens

Day 35 under both lights

Day 35 clear

35 days under the diffused light

The flowering stage under the Big Bud 400 is producing buds that are creating a sweet scent sensation, that tickles

the nose with delight.....already smelling like the finest buds we have ever produced with seriously hard, tight nugs

all the way up the plant. We have observed that without the 13 days pre-vegging under the Big Bud 400 (like in

round 4) the size of the buds (production quantity) may not exceed the previous grow cycle.

Clear Versus Diffused - Day 40

Day 40 under the Diffused Lens

Day 45 of Clear vs. Diffused

Clear lens 45 days into the grow cycle

45 days in a 9 week grow cycle

45 days under the diffused lens

Day 45 under the diffused lens

50 days under the clear and diffused lens

Clear lens at 50 days in bloom

50 in the bloom cycle under the diffused lens

Big Bud 400 - 55 days into the bloom cycle

Clear lens after 55 days in bloom cycle

55 days under the diffused lens of the Big Bud 400

Trichomes produced

Thank you for tuning in to yet another grow cycle of the Big Bud 400!

As you can see from the final picture, the Big Bud 400 produces a lot of trichomes (medicine) that totally covered the plants nugs and leaves. As expected the 13 day vegetation that the plants received under the Big Bud 400 in round 4 made a significant difference in the quantity of production.

Final notes to the lenses....due to the limited ceiling that we were working with, the diffused lens outperformed the clear lens. Each time the buds were bigger and heavier under the diffused lens, although the coverage of trichomes and red hairs seemed comparable. As such, in our next test we will be placing 2 diffused lenses side by side using the cross lighting technique that is employed in the Big LPs.


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