Promoting Natural Growth for Herbal Medicine.

Licensed to produce, for personal use.

Specific Growing Conditions:

All natural fresh air (no added carbon). No A/C. Simple Air flow cooling in an open grow room. Cooling influences are 3 x 16" oscillating fans; 2 x 4" venting intake fan; 1 x 3/4 HP venting fan controlled by room temp. average 88 - 92.

For this test, we are using the BIg Bud 400 to Veg under for 2 weeks.

Once we have finished this extra veg time, our plants will have been in the veg cycle for 10 weeks (we have increased our veg cycle by 4 weeks)

In this test we are using both 100 degree lights with diffused lenses.


Vegging under the Big Bud 400


Vegging under the BIg Bud 400 LED

14 days of vegging under the Big Bud 400

explosive growth after 14 days

Specific growing condition in 14 day veg time

Fixture Lens Height - 1 Big Bud 400 5' 7.5" fixed from floor
Grow Area (Light Coverage) 48 sq. feet
Temperature of Room

26 degrees C

Vegetation Cycle 18 hour

Day 1 of the Xtreme cross lighting test

14 days under the Big Bud 400 LED

Specific grow set-up: 4' centre to centre 2 LED lights oriented to work together

Fixture Lens Height - 2 Big Bud 400s 5' 7" fixed from floor
Grow Area (Light Coverage) 60 sq. feet
Temperature of Room

28-31 degrees C

Bloom Cycle 12 hour

Total wattage for both Big Bud 400 LEDs : 890 watts

Day 8 in the bloom cycle under the Big bUD 400

Day 8 under the Big Bud 400 in the bloom cycle

Cross lighting test 15 days in....

15 days under the Big Bud 400

22 days into the bloom cycle

22 days under the Big Bud 400

Beginning of week 4

Halfway through the  bloom cycle

29 days under the Big Bud 400

29 days under the Big Bud 400

36 Days Under the Big Bud 400 L.E.D.

Fine looking buds under the Big Bud 400 L.E.D.

The Bid Bud 400 L.E.D. with only 3 weeks to go....

43 Days under the BIg Bud 400 LED

43 days of goodness....

The Big Bud 400 L.E.D. with incredible growth

51 days under the Big Bud 400 L.E.D.

final measure of the Big Bud 400 LED

51 days of growing in the bloom stage

Final Trichome Production under the Big Bud 400 L.E.D.

As you can see in the trichome development, the Big Bud 400 can grow marijuana. Despite some technical difficulties during the bud cycle (power interruptions, thanks Hydro One...with humidity issues) the Big Bid 400 outperformed a traditional 1000 watt HPS in grams/watt comparision.

A traditional 1000 watt HPS (plus ballast approximately 70 watts) produces an estimated 450-600 grams, the Big Bud 400 890 watts (total draw) produced 642 grams which we feel will increase during our next production period.

Under the Big Bud 400 18 hour cycle, the vegetation exploded; although we recommend "stepping up" the power (ie 600 or 800 watts) if medical marijuana is the planned production product. The medicine of the marijuana plants developed consistently throughout the crop covering the buds and leaves with trichomes.

As there was no inconsistency to the growth under the Big Bud 400; and the cross lit area produced the heaviest plants, we believe that these lights will work better in concert with one another. Having grown directly beside both our "Cali Comp" LED light and a traditional 1000 watt HPS, we have seen issues with the "cross lit" plants where the intensity of the two differentiating light spectrums actually negatively affected the end weight and overall health of the plants. In this case using two Big Bud 400's, the central plants (6 plants in total) that had the greatest benefit to the cross light effect weighted the most. Therefore we can conclude that the marijuana industry, and the big LP operations need to reconsider the way they spend their money!

Moving to an industry standard 4 month vegetation cycle, we feel that the Big Bud 400 will outperform traditional bloom methods (grams/watt) each and every time.

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