Promoting Natural Growth for Herbal Medicine.

Licensed to produce, for personal use.

Specific Growing Conditions:

All natural fresh air (no added carbon). No A/C. Simple Air flow cooling in an open grow room. Cooling influences are 3 x 16" oscillating fans; 2 x 4" venting intake fan; 1 x 3" exhaust venting; 1 x 3/4 HP venting fan controlled by room temp. average 88 - 92.

For this test, we used 3 month old vegged Strawberry OG Kush plants, with no vegging time under the Big Bud 400.

In this test we have used both 100 degree lights with diffused lenses in a grow chamber that is isolated from the light pollution of the HPS light.

We also reduced "sleep" humidity of the room.

Grams produced using less power than 1000 w HPS

Grow numbers:

Total wattage used 890 watts
Total cured medicinal marijuana 772 grams
Gram increase from previous grow cycle

130 grams

Chamber (6x12) numbers:

Fixture Lens Height - 2 Big Bud 400s 5' 7" fixed from floor
Grow Area (Light Coverage) 60 sq. feet
Temperature of Room

28-31 degrees C

Bloom Cycle 12 hour / 8 weeks

Trichome produced under Big Bud 400

Strawberry OG Kush bud top

Straberry OG Kush tight nugs


As you can see once again through trichome development and bud production, the Big Bud 400 can grow marijuana....and so much more.

Using less power than a traditional 1000 watt HPS, 2 Big Bud 400s L.E.D.s outperformed in grams/watt comparison to this old technology. LED lights do work in marijuana production and grow labs. Our entire facility runs on LED in the mothering/vegging cycles. In the bloom room 3 out of 4 lights are LED with a zero chance of returning to analog technology (old HPS thinking) in the new digital world .

The medicine of the marijuana plants developed consistently throughout the crop smothering the buds and leaves with trichomes. By reducing the heat on the top of the plant, there is less to inhibit this kind of excellent trichome coverage. Less stress on the leaf and trichomes means better quality of marijuana for you.

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